Friday, March 30, 2012

April Class Schedule

I have a few open spots in both of my Friday classes if anyone is interested please leave a comment or send me an email:

April Class Schedule

April 2012 Art Class Schedule:
**Please note: Class sizes are limited. Classes will not start until April 13th due to the Easter holiday.

Friday Classes:

*CONTINUING PRESCHOOL ART: This class is for kids age 3-5 (potty trained kids only, please). We will continue to do fun projects exploring paint, paper, glue, shapes, drawing and other creative methods of art.

April 13, 20, 27 (3 classes total) $25
9:30-10:30AM (1 hour)

CONTINUING ART (FRI): This class is for ages K-11yrs. We will continue to explore color, line, texture, shapes, drawing, and other creative methods of art.

April 13, 20, 27 (3 classes total) $25
2:00-3:00PM (1 hour)

** The price of the class includes all supplies, however you will need to make sure your child comes to class wearing clothes that can get messy or bring a smock/apron.

**If your child misses a class, there will not be a refund for the missed class, however I will send home instructions/ supplies for the missed class if possible.

**Thank you for supporting me as I help your child/children explore the world of art.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oil Pastel "smudge" pictures

We used oil pastels and then used our fingers to "smudge" the lines.  Didn't these turn out fun?


I love how these Oil Pastel Fox pictures turned out.  I love how each looks the same, but each looks so very different too!  We used oil pastels on black paper, which really pops and looks great!  I wish I could say I came up with this idea... I actually found it on another art blog, but can't remember which one it was... which is too bad because there were so many wonderful ideas on that blog. 

Chicks and Bunnies

I am loving that it is officially Springtime.  We were busy creating some fun Spring projects today in my Preschool Art Class.

Our newly hatched Chicks.

Next we drew and colored bunnies.  This one has a "rotten" green carrot.  Love it!

More Eric Carle Inpired Art

Here are some more of my students art from last week.  I can't believe that it has take me this long to get them up.  I love how they all turned out!  So fun!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechauns & Pencil Drawings

My students made these darling Leprechauns today.  We used oil pastels to make the rainbows in the background, but crayons would work too.  I just love how vivid the oil pastels are on darker paper.  We glued are Leprechaun pieces together and added mouths and glitter buckles to the hats.

Next we learned to draw "stick figure" animals and bugs.


lady bugs

this lady bug is sad because it is missing an antenna.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eric Carle Inspired Art

Last week in my Continuing K-11 art classes we started on our Eric Carle inspired art projects and today we finished them.  They were so much fun to do and my students amazed me yet again with their creativity. 
This was my example


We painted birdhouses in my Thursday Preschool Art Fun class.

The kids just love playing with paint. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

It may not be Spring quite yet, but the sun in shining today and I planned all of our Preschool Continuing Art projects around sunny days.

First of all we made our very own kites and added cute faces to them.

 Next we decorated Easter eggs... I know, I know... we still have awhile before Easter, but I couldn't resist.  They turned out so colorful.

 We also made torn paper flowers and our own fringe cut grass.  This was a good project to practice using scissors and learning that you can make shapes by tearing paper too.

Hopefully warmer weather is on its way soon!